User Documentation (Sharkie Frenzy)

Prime Objective

This game is fairly straightforward: This is a high-score based game where players enter the game as sharks, and the objective is to try to eat fishes and avoid jellyfishes. However, players still have another chance if they are stung by a jellyfish: a random multiple choice question will appear and the player will have to choose an answer in a short period of time. If the player chooses the correct answer, there will be no penalty. However, players will lose one life if they fail to answer the questions correctly or if they ran out of time. Players will be given 3 lives at the start of the game. The fourth time a player chooses the wrong answer(or ran out of time) will result in “Game Over”. Furthermore, player will gain 1 point for each fish eaten and will gain 5 points for each question answered. To make this game challenging, the more points you have, the harder the questions will be. 

How to play

This is the application’s home screen. User can directly play the game by pressing the huge “Play Now” button in the bottom of the page. In this page, user can also go to the game’s tutorial layout, by clicking the question mark button on the top right corner of the page. Moreover, the user can view the “Daily Sharks Fun Fact Video” page  by pressing the yellow play button on the bottom right corner of the page.

At the start of this layout, the background music will automatically play. Users can always mute and ‘un-mute’ the background music anytime and anywhere. The mute and unmute button is always there, at the same position, in all layouts.


This is how the game looks like. Players enter the game as sharks. To move, press the up, down, right and left arrow on your keyboard. To eat a fish, all you need to do is just approach a fish and when the shark’s mouth touches any part of the fish, the fish is “eaten”, and the player gets one point. There are numerous types of fish but they’re behaviors are the same. However, when a fish sees the shark coming, they will swim faster to the opposite direction, making it harder for the shark to eat the fish.

However, these waters are full of jellyfish. If you are stung by a jellyfish, this will appear:

This is how the question box look like. When the question box appears, the player have to quickly answer the question before the time runs out. The red line below the question is the timer. The player can choose the answer by clicking one of the answer boxes. If the player manages to choose the correct answer, they will gain 5 points. However, if the player ran out of time or chooses an incorrect answer, they will lose 1 life.

And that is basically it.

In addition, the tutorial button is also there in the game layout so the player can go to the tutorial page anytime.

Plus, there is also a pause button on the top right corner of the page.

When clicked, it will look like:

In the pause page, the user is able to resume, restart and go back to the home page.

Tutorial Page:

This is the start of the tutorial page. A full tutorial will be provided in this layout. User can click on the next button present on all tutorial dialogues. In addition to the text, the tutorial speech will also be present if not muted.  There all 4 tutorial dialogues in total, and after the player clicks on the last next button, they will automatically be redirected to the game layout. Plus, the player will have the choice to go the game layout anytime by clicking the blue play button on the top right corner of the page.

Daily Sharks Fun Fact Video:

This is the “Daily Sharks Fun Fact Video” page. This game application will provide children (players) a daily fun fact video about sharks (a different one everyday). Players can play and pause or mute and unmute whenever they want just by clicking the buttons below the video. And the blue icon on the right most allows the user to directly go to the home page.



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